April 2015 Meeting Minutes


Beekeeping Minutes: April 20th, 2015




A. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 at the Peoples Bank of Elkhorn. 

B. Pledge of allegiance was recited

C.  New Members/Guests: Debra Hodnik, Chris and Wayn Riebe, Peter Underwood, Terry and Bill Baar, Chris Pienta, Randy Ridow

D. Minutes:  April Yuds read the minutes and they were approved with one noted change.  

E. Monthly Financial report: March $1257.62. April $1447.62.  Reminder to pay annual dues.  Terry Wilson reported that the financial committee found the books to be in order.  The question was brought up about who had the ability to sign checks.  Answer was found in writing in the by-laws.


F. Committee Reports: 


  • Education/Speakers/Programming- Christine Karlson
    • May will be Craig Petros (no longer the inspector, replaced by Don Zeely (sp?))
    • June will be state honey queen
    • A discussion was held regarding access to a projector for powerpoint presentations. The concern about cost, costly replacement parts such as bulbs, and the rapid obsolescence of this kind of technology, concluded in the rejection of a club purchase at this time. New member Steve Wassam volunteered his projector.  In addition Alan liu came forward to loan his equipment as well.
  • Education/Library-Marlene Janowski
    •  A library reference list will be available to be posted on our website.
    • Book report- Queen of the Sun, which was donated to the library by Marlene. 
    • Discussion on donated newspaper article from WI State Farmer, “Calling for Honey Standard”.
  • Website-Wendy Hull: none
  • Event Display Board: Fred Bartlett
    • So far an email discussion has taken place within the committee that has generated ideas. Some of those ideas were brought forward at the meeting. An in person meeting will be scheduled before next month.
    • A motion to set a $200 budget for the project was brought forward and the motion carried.
  • New Member Liason- Peter Staniec
    • Idea was introduced to have Peter Staniec coordinate a mentorship program.  The club showed enthusiasm about the idea.  More to come next month.


G. Unfinished Business


·         BatchGeo Online Map- Chris Roth


o    Map has been updated to match current paid membership


o    Addresses must be visible to create the map


o    Phone numbers were added


o    The map will be made available to the group via the Google Groups email. 


o    Members not wanting their information listed can be request to be removed


·         Walworth Co. Map with Club members Hive locations- John Kendall


o    Not yet framed




H.  Introduction of New Business-




  • Honey sticks for events and education talks: Motion was made to have the club purchase a case of 2000 sticks + enough bags of honey taffy to cover the talks given this month (because the taffy was at the club that day).  Motion carried
  • Delavan Bees: Rick Sallmann
    • Attended the last City Council Meeting asking for Delavan to consider being a pollinator city and to legalize honey bee hives within the city limits.
    • Updates to come
  • Sunshine Committee-Bill Palmer
    • Proposed the idea of a Sunshine Committee to send out cards for members/member friends celebrating or needing support. The idea was tabled to be discussed next month.
  • Next Treat:  not discussed


I. Educational Time: 


  • A short informal discussion was held regarding important things to consider for spring hive maintenance. (Time became an issue because the agenda was so full this month)


J. Donation Raffle: Linda Holmes Bee Flowers


·         6 pairs of flower starts were raffled off to members.


J. Adjourn Meeting: 8:40




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