March 2015 Meeting Minutes

Beekeeping Minutes: March 17th, 2015
A. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 at the Peoples Bank of Elkhorn. 

B. Pledge of allegiance was recited

C.  New Members/Guests:Julie Cudahy, Donna Palmer, Darrel Craig, Nate Lenz, Joe and Bruce Williams

D. Minutes:  April Yuds read the minutes and they were approved with no changes.  

E. Monthly Financial report: Feb $1257.62, March $1257.62.  Marlene Janowski and Terry Wilson will audit the 2014 financial records.

F. Committee Reports: 
  • Education/Speakers/Programming- Spring maintenance member panel will speak in April
  • Education/Library- updates and suggestion sheet was passed around.  The book report was on "Attracting Native Pollinators".  April Yuds and Terry Condroski will be available as librarian alternates if Marlene can't be at the meeting.
  • Website-Wendy Hull: there is now a login option available on the site for members.
  • New Member Orientation Guide: a draft is ready and will be available on the website.  Feedback is invited.
G. Continuation Of Unfinished Business
H.  Introduction of New Business-
  • Booth Display Messaging Refresh Project: Fred Bartlett updated the group about the plans for the board and called for more volunteers to help. April Yuds and Matt Mieners will be part of the group.
  • WHPA Southern Region Meeting- BatchGeo- Chris Roth. Everyone was encouraged to check the map for accuracy. A discussion was held about how members could access the information and what info should be made available. 
  • Aram Public Library, Delevan- Speaking Opportunity: Rick Sallmann volunteered
  • VIP Services, Elkhorn-Speaking Opportunity- April Yuds volunteered.
  • Chairs: We will request that more chairs be brought into the room to accommodate members.
  • Treat:  Next months treats will be provided by Peter W

I. Educational Time:  

  • Marlene Janowski read from the beekeeping calendar
  • Bill Palmer gave tips on hiving a new package
  • Guest Speaker: Matt LaForge from Dadant & Sons
J. Adjourn Meeting: 8:30

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