January 2015 Agenda


Walworth County Beekeepers Club

Agenda for January 20, 2015 – 7:00-8:30 PM.

Peoples Bank – Elkhorn, WI

A. Call Meeting To Order- 7:00 PM

B. Pledge Of Allegiance

C. Introduction Of New Members And Guests

D. Reading Of Minutes- April Yuds

E. Monthly Financial Report- Terry Condroski

a. Annual membership dues ($10.00 per member) are due at the January meeting

F. Reports From Committees

a. Education/Speakers Programming- Kristine Karlson

b. Education/Library- Marlene Janowski

c. Website- Wendy Hull

G. Continuation Of Unfinished Business

a. New Members Orientation Guide Status

o Committee: Scott Kosteretz, Linda K., Allan Liu, and John Kendall

b. Sheila Reiff – Map Of County For Marking Club Members Hives

H. Introduction Of New Business

I. Recognition Of 2014 Mentors

J. Educational Time

a. Beekeeping Calendar- Marlene Janowski

b. Guest Speaker and Q&A

K. Adjourn Meeting- 8:30 PM*

*After the meeting is adjourned members are welcome to stay and connect with other attendees or to meet with the speaker.

Prepared By: Scott Kosteretz

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