November 2014 Meeting Minutes


Beekeeping Minutes: November 18, 2014


A.      Meeting called to order at 7:04pm by President John Kendall at Peoples Bank of Elkhorn


B.      Pledge of Allegiance was recited


C.      Minutes: Read by John Kendall were approved


D.      Monthly Financial report: Given by Terri Condroski, balance of $979.07


E.       New Members/Guests: None


F.       Committee Reports: None


G.     Unfinished Business:


Develop a new member guide to be handed out when new members join the club. Ideas thrown around were: Include club By-Laws, amount of dues and when they are to be paid, mentors in vicinity of new member, information on bee equipment suppliers, and many other good ideas brought forth from Scott Kostretz. A committee was formed to get project up and running. Members are: Scott Kosteretz will chair, his wife Linda, along with Al Liu and John Kendall.


Map of County was discussed for pinning location of club members. John Kendall will frame map.


Deadline for mentor recognition is November 30th.


H.      New Business:


December meeting will start at 6:00pm so Christmas party can start earlier. John Kendall will bring rolls, Scott & Liz Smith will bring ham, Wendy Hull will bring plates, forks, knifes, napkins. Bring your own drink, and a dish to pass. Rick and Kristine will play Christmas music. Anyone who has raffle items brings them along with you. This always livens up the party.


Meeting portion will consist of election of officers for 2015, recognition of mentors.


Speaker for January Larry Krengel, Kristine asked for gas allowance of $50.00 motion made and passed.


Honey label designer at reasonable price was found by John Kendall, Mike Evans from East Troy WI.


I.        Educational Talk:


Doug Grall, Tony Dazer and Paul Redosevich talked about candy boards and vaporizer for medication treatment. Dan O’Leary brought honey to try from Australia.


J.        Adjourn Meeting: 8:34pm




                                                                                 Written by: John Kendall


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