October 2014 Meeting Minutes

Beekeeping Minutes: October 2014

A. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 by President John Kendall at the Peoples Bank of Elkhorn.

B. Pledge of allegiance was recited

C. Minutes: April Yuds read the minutes and they were approved with no changes.

D. Monthly Financial report: No report given

E. New Members/Guests: Jennifer Yunker, Don Barshinger, Stephen Jeter.

F. Committee Reports:

-Library- Read what to be doing in October from the Bee Calendar

G. Unfinished Business:

-Letter from Eileen Walsh Grzenia, the director of Walworth County Fair Barnyard Adventure thanking the club for having the display again this year.

-Members were reminded to get mentor recognition submissions to him by November 30th.

H. New Business:

- A discussion about laying working in the hive was initiated.
- A discussion about getting ready for winter was initiated. Wendy Hull talked about inner covers @ Harvard Egg and Feed and Bill Palmer did a show and tell on feeders.

Individual updates were given regarding everyone's hives and beekeeping season.

I. Educational Time: Stephen Jeter spoke about top bar hives and beekeeping in Africa.

                     J. Adjourn Meeting: 9:00

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