February 2018 Meeting Minutes

Walworth County Beekeepers Club


February 2018 Meeting Minutes


Beekeeping Minutes: February 2018



 A.   Club meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm at the Advia Credit Union

 B.  Pledge of Allegiance was recited

 C.   8 guests introduced themselves: David R., Bob G, Leann K., Chynna C., Ayla G., Ken F., Ben Z., and John L. Stephanie passed out applications/info. 42 members/guests attended.

 D.   January meeting minutes were approved.

 E.   Monthly Financial Report – Stephanie (filling in for Scott):                                               

              a. Balance is $5,970.50

F.     Business

         a. Facebook team leader Allan: 185 members now. Experienced beekeepers share tips, videos and news articles. Check page out at Walworth County Beekeepers Club on Facebook.
         b. Member Data Base-Meet with Stephanie to see if she has your email address to receive emails from club
         c. April 21st the Gateway Technical College in Elkhorn will be hosting Earth Day. Volunteers are needed to work our booth. A signup sheet was passed around.
         d. Doug asked if club funds can be used to have a queen-rearing class for our meeting.
         e. March 17th at Milton H.S., the Southern district meeting of the Wisconsin Honey Producers Association will host Marla Spivek and State Inspector Dan Leary as speakers.
         f. Bill spoke of the Netflix documentary “Rotten”. The 1st episode was on bees and honey. He also spoke of the company Carboline Wood Preserving and Janette Neal-Zopp was the lucky winner of 1 gallon of the product.
         g. March 10th at the Michael Fields Agriculture Center in East Troy there is a beginning beekeepers class. Very informative if you are a first year beekeeper.

G.   Education- Breakout sessions

         a. Beginners beekeeping led by Carl
         b. Experienced beekeeping: addressing winter losses, mite control and marketing of honey

 led by Rick.
         c. Hive preservation: painting and wood preserving methods led by Bill.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.



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