November 2017 Agenda

Walworth County Beekeepers Club

Agenda for November 21, 2017 – 7:00-8:30 PM

Advia Credit Union – Elkhorn, WI (Formerly Peoples Bank)


• Call Meeting To Order- 7:00 PM- Scott Kosteretz

• Pledge Of Allegiance

• Introduction Of New Members and Guests

o New Member/Guest, meeting protocol comments- Scott Kosteretz

• Last month’s minutesto approve -submitted by Renee Michaels

• Monthly Financial Report- Scott Kosteretz

• Committees Reports

• Unfinished Business

o Attendee Comments - Wisconsin Honey Producers Convention –November 2, 3, 4

o New Business

o Christmas/Holiday party planning starts during the November meeting.

▪ Sign-up for food & beverages, and donations for holiday drawings

o December meeting –member voting for 2018 board

o Scott Kosteretz, president:running for 2018 term. (final year)

o Doug Graul, vice president, running for 2018 term. (final year)

o Renee Michaels, secretary, running for 2018 term.

o Note: New business topics must be submitted and approved prior to the meeting in

order to be added to the agenda)


• Educational Time

o Library Resource of the Month

• Guest speaker, Charlie Koenen, will share his research on beekeeping in Slovenia and Carniolan

honey bees

• Adjourn Meeting- 8:30 PM*

*After the meeting is adjourned members are welcome to stay and connect with other attendees.

Prepared By: Scott Kosteretz

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