September 2017 Meeting Minutes

Beekeeping Minutes: September 2017

A.    Club meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm at the People Bank of Elkhorn.

B.     Pledge of allegiance was recited

C.     Five New members/Guests introduced themselves.  Bill Palmer passed out info/applications for membership and a reminder that membership fees are $10.

D.    August minutes were approved

E.     Monthly Financial Report – Scott Kosteretz

a.     Balance is over $5,700.00 (no change)

F.     Business

a.     Walworth County Fair Comments: all positive comments, change of location brought a different kind of crowd, ran out of brochures. 

b.     A day with Dr. Tom Seeley Comments: made really convincing argument about how bees choose a location, well spoken, very educational.

c.     Wisconsin Honey Producers Convention is November 2-4 at the Holiday Inn au Claire South. Information can be found on the website.

G.    Educational Time

a.     Carl: DIY capping container: Bucket with holes, lid with a cut hole, screen and another bucket

b.     Bill Palmer: demonstrated how easy it is to make a nuc and assembled one.

c.     Dan Ziehli, WI inspector: mite treatments – apavar(sp?) is not organic but everything else is.  Use Swiffer sheets to catch hive beetles. Bleach and vinegar can help stop sugar water from fermenting. Once you install a package – mite treatment, pollen patty and sugar water. 


H.    Meeting Adjourned : 8:40 PM

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