July 2017 Meeting Minutes

Beekeeping Minutes: July 2017

A.    Club meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm at the People Bank of Elkhorn.

B.     Pledge of allegiance was recited

C.     Five New members/Guests were introduced.  Bill Palmer passed out info/applications for membership and a reminder that membership fees are $10.

D.    June minutes were approved

E.     Monthly Financial Report – Scott Kosteretz

a.     Balance is $5,738.00

F.     Business

a.     Hive inspection field trip was scheduled for July 29th, Saturday 10am. An E-mail was to be sent out as a reminder.

b.     Volunteers will be needed for the Walworth County Fair, August 30th – September 4th, a signup sheet will be passed out at the August meeting.  Sign up for the Honey contest by August 4th by 5pm on-line.

G.    Educational Time

a.     Please remember to return library items.

b.     Special Guest, Larry Kringle discussed summer hive management

                                          i.     Getting ready for winter in July: 1.count mites (mite quick away strips can be used while honey supers are on)   2. Make an intelligent split   3. Consider re-queening.

                                         ii.     Miller system for developing queens was a suggestion (no grafting necessary)

                                       iii.     Kringle announced that Tom Seeley will be a guest at the Mchenry County College September 9th  from 10am-3pm. Books Tom has written are “Following the Wild Bees” and “Honey Bee Democracy”

H.    Meeting Adjourned : 8:33 PM



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