April 2017 Meeting Minutes

Beekeeping Minutes: April 2017

A.    Call meeting to order at 7:00PM at the People Bank of Elkhorn.

B.     Pledge of allegiance was recited

C.     Six New members/Guests were introduced.  Terry passed out info/applications for membership and a reminder that New Year membership fees are due- $10.

D.    March Minute Amendment by Scott – noting that the equipment purchased is an asset with monetary value of $1,124

E.     Monthly Financial Report – Scott Kosteretz

a.     Balance is $5,100

F.     Business

a.     WCBC exhibit at Walworth Country Dairy Breakfast, Saturday , June 17th

                                          i.     Next month a volunteers signup sheet will be passed around

b.     Are we established as a non-profit?

                                          i.     Process is not complete yet but is being worked on.

G.    Educational Time


a.     WCBC member, Chris Roth discussed his recent visit to Indian Summer Honey’s queen rearing facility in Florida.

-First made an announcement that packages are still available at Harvard Egg & Feed and from Tim Wibanks (319-321-2494) Also to get on Dan Ziehli’s schedule as it fills up fast

-Chris then showed pictures and videos of his experience at Summer Honey Farms and went through the queen rearing process from start to finish. He also had an example of a brood box that held three 3 frame nucs, thanks to Rick.  And finished by showing us a bee vacuum and how to use/set it up.


H.    Meeting Adjourned : 8:39 PM

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