March 2017 Meeting Minutes

Beekeeping Minutes: March 2017

A.    Call meeting to order at 7:00PM on the dot at the People Bank of Elkhorn.

B.     Pledge of allegiance was recited

C.     Nine New members/Guests were introduced.  Bill Palmer passed out info/applications for membership and a reminder that New Year membership fees are due- $10.

D.    January minutes where approve

E.     Monthly Financial Report – Scott Kosteretz

a.     Balance is $5,100

F.     Business

a.     Michael Bust weekend results

                                          i.     Exceeded expectations.  Purchased video and audio equipment. Profit was 2,900.

                                         ii.     What members took home/learned: No mite treatment to be successful, small cell is a good thing, foundationless and raise own queens

b.     District meetings

                                          i.     Southern district – theme: mites

                                         ii.     Bee ordnance hasn’t changed – dealing with in and out of state selling bees

G.    Educational Time


a.     Package installation demo by Bill Palmer

                                          i.     Demonstrated how to install a package in a brood box, a package in a nuc and a nuc in a brood box.  Different ways of feeding was also talked about.

b.     Late winter management and diagnosis by Rick Sallmann

                                          i.     Talked about spring feeding – if feeding pollen patties to keep it going. Watch out for skunks. Check your dead outs – find out how they died, look for diseases. A hive check can be done when bees are free flying.

H.    Random announcements

a.     Paul is planning a hot wax dipping and will post time and place on-line.


I.      Meeting Adjourned : 8:25 PM

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