April 2016 Meeting Minutes

WCBC Meeting Minutes: April 2016


1.      Meeting was called to order at 7:00 at the Peoples Bank of Elkhorn. 

2.      Pledge of allegiance was recited

3.      Scott Squire: Ag lending program

4.      New Members/Guests: Guest were introduced

5.      Minutes:  March minutes were approved

6.      Monthly Financial Report- Terry Condroski (Total $1882.07)

7.      Committee Reports: 

a.      Bill Palmer- New application was introduced for new members

8.      Unfinished Business-

a.      None- Members gave a report on the Bee Class that was taught by Dan O’Leary at Michael Fields

9.      New Business-

a.                 June Dairy Breakfast: will be June 18th

b.      Ohio State Bee Lab Webinars: are available anytime you go to their website

c.                  Rick Sallman:  donated bee friendly plants for members that wanted one

d.      New Bee Class by UW Extension office:  In Elkhorn on May 21st

10.            Educational Time:  Craig Petros

11.  Adjourn Meeting: 8:30



Respectfully submitted by April Yuds

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