November 2015 Agenda



Walworth County Beekeepers Club


Agenda for November 17, 2015 – 7:00-8:30 PM


Peoples Bank – Elkhorn, WI


 A.      Call Meeting To Order- 7:00 PM


B.      Pledge Of Allegiance


C.      Introduction Of New Members and Guests


D.     September Minutes Approval/Amendments (Please read in advance of meeting)


E.      Monthly Financial Report- Scott Kosteretz on behalf of Terry Condroski     


F.       Committees


a.       Education/Speakers Programming Update- Kristine Karlson


b.      Education/Library Update- Marlene Janowski


c.       Website Refresh Project- Wendy Hull


d.      Guest/New Member Liaisons- Bill Palmer and Susan Palmer


G.     Unfinished Business


a.       Facebook Member Communication/Education forum- exploratory committee: Paul Radosevich, Allen Liu, Susan Palmer, Doug Grall


H.       Introduction Of New Business


a.       Christmas/Holiday party food sign up


b.      Note: If time allows or president’s discretion to defer to next meeting


I.        Educational Time


a.      Winter prep hive wrapping “Quick tip” by Rick Sallmann


b.      Winter hive management, honey competitions presented by Nick Thill with Thill’s Honey Gardens, West Bend


J.        Adjourn Meeting- 8:30 PM*


*After the meeting is adjourned members are welcome to stay and connect with other attendees.


Prepared By: Scott Kosteretz


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