October 2015 Meeting Minutes


Beekeeping Minutes: Oct 20, 2015




A. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 at the Peoples Bank of Elkhorn. 

B. Pledge of allegiance was recited

C.  New Members/Guests: were introduced

D. Minutes:  minutes we approved
E. Monthly Financial report: Given by Scott Kosteretz  Balance= $1432.67


F. Committee Reports: 


  • Education/Speakers/Programming- Christine Karlson
    • November meetings speaker is Nick Phil
    • December meeting is Christmas Potluck
    • January meeting is Dan Zeely
    • Feb meeting is Strong Microbials
  • Website-Wendy Hull:
    • Elknet.net emails seem to be getting blocked from receiving the google group email.
  • Education/Library- Marlene Janowski: None


G. Unfinished Business


  • Club member Howard Kegel died from pancreatic cancer on October 8th, a card was sent from the club shortly before this when he entered into hospice care


H.  Introduction of New Business-


  • Other
    • The club had a short discussion about feeding
    • Tractor supply is looking for a speaker to talk about bees in January.  They are considering stocking beekeeping supplies.
    • Club member Melvin Brushaber had an operation and a card was sent around for him.
  • Club direction and goals discussion (Member discussion was facilitated by Scott Kosteretz.  Ideas were as follows:
    • Increase the yearly membership fee
    • Increase the budget for educational speaker to $500/year
    • Consider having a fund raiser to help pay for speakers
    • Send a letter of invitation to past members to join/rejoin the club
    • Create a Facebook Group page to facilitate club questions and conversations. A committee was formed containing member Doug ???? and Paul Radosevich.
    • Organize off site events, possibly open to the public or other clubs at a price to help offset the cost.
    • Ways to increase youth outreach in groups like 4H and High School FFA.  Possibly donating books
    •  Organize a list of club owned items that are available for members giving talks
    • More beginner outreach at each meeting
    • Consider having a volunteer available at the end of each meeting for new comers questions
    • Create videos to put on our website
  • Member discussion about overwintering


I. Educational Time: 


  • Our speaker was sick and had to cancel.  Our club took the time to talk about our direction and future goals.


J. Adjourn Meeting: 8:30




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