June 2015 Meeting Minutes

Beekeeping Minutes: June 16th, 2015


A. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 at the Peoples Bank of Elkhorn. 

B. Pledge of allegiance was recited

C.  New Members/Guests: Linda and Bill Router and Jim Cox

D. Minutes:  The minutes were written by April Yuds, sent out in advance for members to preview and come to the meeting prepared to approve. Minutes were approved with no changes.  

E. Monthly Financial report: Given by Terry Condroski.  Balance= $1362.67

F. Committee Reports: 

  • Education/Speakers/Programming- Christine Karlson
    • Aug is a Q & A forum with club members
  • Education/Library-Marlene Janowski
    • None
  • Website-Wendy Hull:
    • None
  • Event Display Board: April Yuds
    • Printer says it will be ready
  • New Member Liason: Peter Staniec
    • New member orientation is now available to have for new members

G. Unfinished Business

  • Walworth Co. Dairy Breakfast, Sat. June 20th.
    • Team agreed to meet after the meeting to make sure they felt ready

H.  Introduction of New Business-

  • Any other club business:  A discussion about adding supers took place 
  • Other: 
    • Treats were brought by Susan and Bill Palmer and Dorthy Schutte will bring treats for July
    • Workshop: Intro to beekeeping. This workshop will be held on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at 6:00 PM at the Kenosha County Center.  The program will address basic bee biology, beekeeping equipment, bee-friendly plantings, and more!

I. Educational Time: 

  • Beekeeping Calendar-Marlene Janowski: were read by Kristine Karlson
  • Reminder of Class:Kenosha County Center, Intro to Beekeeping
  • Honey Queen Kim Kester:Spoke about her position as the queen.


J. Adjourn Meeting: 8:30

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