May 2015 Meeting Minutes

Beekeeping Minutes: May 19th, 2015


A. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 at the Peoples Bank of Elkhorn. 

B. Pledge of allegiance was recited

C.  New Members/Guests: Michelle and Anthony Dimavro

D. Minutes:  April Yuds read the minutes and they were approved with one noted change.  

E. Monthly Financial report: Given by Terry Condroski.  Balance= $1507.67 

F. Committee Reports: 

  • Education/Speakers/Programming- Christine Karlson
    • June= Honey Queen Kim Kester
    • July= Richard Schneider from Capital Bee Supply in Madison
  • Education/Library-Marlene Janowski
    • There were a number of new donations made to the library check out the table at the meeting
    • Book Report= A Book of Bees: And How to Keep Them by Sue Hubbell
  • Website-Wendy Hull: 
    • The library list is on the website
    • Wendy still needs beginning beekeeper literature to post on the site
  • Event Display Board: April Yuds
    • Gave an update on the progress of the new display board.  We are on track to be ready to use it at the June Dairy Breakfast.
  • New Member Liason: Peter Staniec
    • Peter Staniec is not longer able to be our new member liaison, but Susan Palmer volunteered to take on that role.

G. Unfinished Business

  • Walworth Co. Map with Club members Hive locations- John Kendall
    • No update


H.  Introduction of New Business-

  • Walworth Co. Dairy Breakfast, Sat. June 20th
    • Fred and Judy Bartlett will work 6-8:30
    • Scott and Liz Smith will work from 8:30-11
    • Matt Meiners will set up the night before
  • The Volunteer Connection Rick Sallmann: Reported on opportunity for the club to enlist our mentors with this group.  No official action was taken by the club.
  • Terry Condroski- Attempted to resign as treasurer:  After further discussion she agreed to continue.  Scott Smith agreed to take over any excel spreadsheet record keeping that had been previously asked of Terry.  
  • Other:  
    • Treats were brought by JoAnn Brushaber and June’s treats will be brought by Linda Palmer.
    • Workshop: Intro to beekeeping. This workshop will be held on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at 6:00 PM at the Kenosha County Center.  The program will address basic bee biology, beekeeping equipment, bee-friendly plantings, and more!

I. Educational Time:  

  • Retired Bee Inspector Craig Petros talked for the club.


J. Adjourn Meeting: 8:30

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